General terms and conditions

of Seiwald L.P. from Seiwald Klaus & Co.

Dear customer,

These general terms and conditions of Seiwald L.P. from Seiwald Klaus & Co. (hereinafter: "Seiwald") govern the relationship between you (the "customer") and us, therefore we ask you to read them thoroughly and contact us with any questions or ambiguities. 


As part of its rental bus business, Seiwald offers the following services: transfer services, day trips by request, excursions by programme, multi-day trips by request or by programme.  The following terms and conditions apply to these activities. By booking / using our services, the customer agrees to these general terms and conditions explicitly. In addition, the general terms and conditions contained in the BusPlus catalogue also apply to the excursions and multi-day trips offered under the BusPlus cooperation.  


The booking is concluded duly by customer's acceptance of the offer as well as subsequent confirmation by Seiwald. The confirmation requires no special form. The reservation by the booker is made for all travel participants included in the booking, for whose contractual obligations the booker is responsible, as well as for his own obligations.


The following terms of payment apply to rental vehicles with a driver:

When booking trips from the BusPlus programme, please note the payment terms specified therein.

Withdrawal / cancellation

The following cancellation terms apply to rental vehicles with a driver:


If any defects occur during service provision, the customer is obliged to immediately inform Seiwald L.P. to allow verification and for remedial measures. No claim to compensation exists in the event of culpable failure to provide immediate notification.

Passport - Visa - Health Regulations

For cross-border trips, customers are required to carry a valid ID card with them at all times.
When conducting organised tours / day trips, we will inform you about any special passport, visa and health requirements for Italian citizens.  Customers of other nationalities must of course check for themselves to determine whether any other regulations apply to them. Likewise, customer must inform themselves of the corresponding regulations in the event of a simple bus rental.

For international trips, customers are also obligated to adhere to the relevant customs and import regulations, about which they must inform themselves independently. 


Seiwald is liable under statutory provisions for any harm done to persons and damage done to property.

However, the following explicit disclaimers exist:

In the event of culpable damage by the customer or damage caused by the customer by negligence, this customer shall lose any claim for damages against Seiwald.


Cleaning costs for the vehicles are in principle included in the offer prices. In the event of excessive soiling, either intentionally or as the result of gross negligence, there will be charged an extra cleaning fee of € 100.00.

Travel times / breaks

The offers are created using the detailed time specifications of the customer and in compliance with the statutory driving and rest periods.

The agreed departure times must be observed accordingly. The customer is responsible for appearing on time at the meeting point and not missing the departure. Should it not be possible to comply with the statutory driving and rest times due to delays caused by the customer, the trip must be stopped and, if possible, everyone must wait for a replacement driver. The resulting costs are charged to the customer as follows: Base price: € 200.00 plus € 50.00 per hour cost for the replacement driver.

The same applies in the event that non-compliance with the driving and rest times is caused due to force majeure or the fault of Seiwald. In these cases, the additional costs are of course not charged to the customer.

Severability clause

Should any of the conditions of these general terms and conditions be or become wholly or partially invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

You can find the data protection information here.