MORE value to your mobility!
MORE value to your mobility!
MORE comfort for a relaxed arrival.
#conscious & relaxed travelling
Clean travelling – respecting nature!
Clean travelling – respecting nature!
Buses are the record holders when it comes to climate compatibility.
#conscious & relaxed travelling
Safe, friendly and conscious
Safe, friendly and conscious
For a mobile life, vacation, excursion
#conscious & relaxed travelling

Why choose us?

Since more than 60 years, values like quality, safety, punctuality and comfort are the fundaments of our bus company. This applies to our daily scheduled services, as well as to our Busplus bus tours. Trust our reliability, and look forward to a conscious and comfortable way of travelling, where your well-being is paramount.


Environmental protection


Bus tours are exemplary in terms of environmental protection! Compared to car, train or air travel, bus tours create significantly lower CO2 emissions.



Safely and relaxed to your destination! In our buses, you may enjoy plenty of legroom, and thanks to our high safety standards you will reach your desired destination safe and sound.

Quality by method

In order to show our clients how important quality is for our bus company, we have implemented a quality management system according to ISO standards.

After this first big step, as one of the first few national companies in the passenger transport sector in 2005 we received  the European certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, which must be renewed annually. In order to meet this demand, we strive to continuously improve and increase the quality.

This European standard is the foundation for the quality management system of companies that want to increase their customers' satisfaction. Important principles of quality management are therefore customer focus and continuous improvement.


Discover quality

We give great importance to motivated employees, to a high-quality fleet and to the consistent compliance with any legal provisions. This makes us a competent and trustworthy partner especially in terms of mobility.

A detailed and transparent offer excludes surprises; our friendly and competent drivers guarantee the punctuality and reliability of our services; the top-class busses assure maximum driving comfort and absolute safety on all roads.

The company

The bus company Seiwald was founded in the late 40s. In 1952, we started offering a scheduled line service in the Casies Valley.

In addition to our accomplishments in local public transport, right from the start we also worked in the national and international bus transport sector. Through Busplus and our unremitting adaptation to the growing demands of the market, we were able to establish ourselves and to create an additional mainstay for our company.

Your opinion

The satisfaction of our passengers is paramount. Thanks to your feedback we were able to learn more about your needs & desires, and to optimize our quality and service. What are you looking for? What would you change and/or improve?


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