Flexible, and tailor-made!
Flexible, and tailor-made!
We plan your tour according to your requirements.
#conscious & relaxed travelling
Get in, and start your vacation!
Get in, and start your vacation!
No waiting times at the airport, or looking for a parking space.
#conscious & relaxed travelling
Privacy, tranquillity and comfort!
Privacy, tranquillity and comfort!
Our minibus takes you to your dream destination.
#conscious & relaxed travelling

On the road with Seiwald ...

With us, you reach your destination safely, relaxed and rested: 

The best prerequisite to enjoy a leisurely ride or a relaxing holiday. Discover a new travel feeling:

You are traveling in premium busses, which are equipped with all comforts.

Upon request, we organize an attractive day programme, or assist you in the organization of one-day and multi-day trips. Many examples of day trips and excursions are available in our BUS PLUS offer.

Our busses

Our busses offer maximum comfort and a distinct engine smoothness. Long-distance journeys on the highway, or day tours through the Dolomites – you will certainly enjoy your trip.

Bus with 46 seats

With extra-large seat spacing and integrated safety assistance system. FREE WIFI. Euro 6

Bus with 24 seats

With extra-large seat spacing. Ideal for small groups and clubs! No toilet available. Free WIFI. Euro 5

Minibus with 8 seats

Euro 5

Our label

Ideal to transport luggage of every stripe.

These details are important to us.


Complete and transparent offers
No surprises! Our offers are inclusive of all fees and duty taxes.


The travel time included in our offers
The calculated travel time – starting from the company headquarters – is the net driving time. Stops and rest periods are included.


Drinks are available on the bus
Travelling will make you thirsty! You won’t sit on dry land while riding on our buses! Thus, a fine selection of soft drinks is available on the bus.


The toilet is open during each trip
The hygienically clean on-board toilet on our buses is always available.


More comfort and more legroom
Thanks to the large legroom of our seats, even after long tours, you will arrive relaxed and rested.


The buses are clean and perfectly serviced
Each bus in our fleet is regularly serviced in accordance with the highest safety standards and thoroughly cleaned after each tour.


Our staff is friendly and punctual
Our entire team is always there for you! And not only punctual to the minute, but also with a friendly smile.


No/only minor prices fluctuations.
We are your loyal partner in terms of bus tours! Thanks to our judicious pricing system, we are able to offer only minimally fluctuating prices.

Driving and resting periods during the bus trip

During all bus trips, we scrupulously comply with the legally prescribed driving, shift, and rest periods of our drivers. Before each tour, we determine exactly whether a second driver is necessary for your tour to help you reach your destination safely and promptly.

Driving period breaks:

  • Minimum 45 min. after 4.5 hrs driving time
  • May be increased to 10 hrs., max. twice a week

Daily driving time:

  • Max. 9 hrs
  • Erhöhung auf 10 Std. zwei mal pro Woche zulässig

Daily resting periods

  • Min. 11 hrs.
  • May be divided into two parts. Then, however, at least 12 hours must be allowed. First, 3 hrs., then 9 hrs.
  • A reduced daily rest period is allowed 3 times between 2 weekly rest periods. No further compensation is required!
  • For multi-driver tours, a minimum of 9 hrs. within a 30 hrs. period.


Moreover, the following features of our busses guarantee your comfort and your safety while travelling (56, 46 and 24 seats):

  • Adjustable back support, footrests, folding tables, reading lamps, adjustable ventilator jets
  • Electronic climate control with ventilation nozzles for each passenger
  • Lifting and lowering system
  • Entertainment system (Video, CD, DVD, Hifi system)
  • On-board toilet and fridge and much more ...

For your safety:

  • 2-point seat belts on all passenger seats
  • Satellite navigation system (GPS), Voith Retarder, ABS, ASR, speed control
  • Lifting and lowering system
  • and much more ...

Your opinion

The satisfaction of our passengers is paramount. Thanks to your feedback we were able to learn more about your needs & desires, and to optimize our quality and service. What are you looking for? What would you change and/or improve?


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